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cikkszám: WS00164

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Teljesítmény igény: 70 - 90 Le Munkaszélesség: 260 - 340 cm Rendszélesség: 100 - 200 cm Pengék száma: 10 - 16

Side mounted disc mower

MASCHIO GASPARDO disc mowers guarantee a high flow of forage. The PERFECTCUT bar has been designed to meet the needs of professional farmers thanks to its precise cut and the high durability of its components. Available with working widths of up to 2,6 and 3,4 m, it can be coupled to tractors with power ratings of up to 90 HP.

PERFECTCUT cutterbar

This particular bar consists of two quick-change knives for each disc and features a particularly robust construction, such as the fully welded 6 mm thick transmission body. The hig hcutting surface is made possible by the combined action of the 105 mm long knives and the 360° rotating knife holders. The discs are protected by the SAFEGEAR system with cutting key protection.

Safety both on and off the field

The lateral belt drive and the slip clutch PTO shaft together with the obstacle safety device guarantee high safety during cutting operations. The hydraulic lockingsystem and mechanicalt ransport lock make road transport extremely safe.

Maximum operational efficiency

In order to guarantee a precise and continuous cut over time, DEBORA PRO is equipped with mechanically adjustable anti-wear skids that allow precise adjustment of the working height. In combination with the spring-loaded compensation system, it is also possible to work on uneven ground, guaranteeing a geometry variation of + 30° and - 25°.

Swath accessories

To ensure faster drying of the crop, two different versions of the conditioner are available, one with flails and one with rollers. Both are equipped with rear in step and swath discs.






Cutterbar PERFECTCUT with quick knife replacement system

SAFEGEAR discs protection system

3 point hitch

Belts side drive

Spring suspension

Anti-wear skids

Swath-forming disc

Safety device against obstacles

Adjustable working height

Key for tools replacement

Hydraulic fold-up for transport

Mechanical transpor tlock

Slip clutch PTO SHAFT

CE safety protections

Swath-forming guide only for FL, GM versions

Méretek220 GM260260 FL260 GM300340
Min teljesítmény igény Le70 Le70 Le80 Le80 Le80 Le90 Le
Munkaszélesség2,2 m2,6 m2,6 m2,6 m3 m3,4 m
Min rendszélesség1 m1,2 m1 m1 m1,3 m1,4 m
Max rendszélesség1,3 m1,8 m1,3 m1,3 m1,9 m2 m
Szállítási szélesség2,15 m2,15 m2,15 m2,15 m2,15 m2,2 m
Küllős tárcsák száma566678
Kések száma101212121416
SzársértőGumihengeres szársértővelSzársértő nélkülMűanyag ütőujjas szársértővelGumihengeres szársértővelSzársértő nélkülSzársértő nélkül
Kardán fordulat540540540540540540
Súly950 kg725 kg955 kg1.005 kg785 kg825 kg

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