cikkszám: WS00112

Teljesítmény igény: 90 - 147 Le Munkaszélesség: 3 m Sortávolság: 15,6 - 18 cm Magtartály térfogata: 1.260 - 2.090 L

Mechanical seed drill for direct seeding

DIRETTA introduces the segment of in-line seed drills for direct seeding of cereals. The result of GASPARDO's thirty yearsexperience in the sector, DIRETTA is characterised by a fixed frame available in the 3 meters by 17 or 19 rows size, ideal fors eeding crops such as cereals, soybeans, rapeseed and forage.

GASPARDO direct seeding

DIRETTA features GASPARDO direct seed drill element, capable of exerting a maximum ground pressure of 260kg thanks to HEAVY DUTY structural solutions such as the large diameter toothed disccoulter (475 mm) with trim adjustment spring, wear-resistant cast iron coulter and independent closing wheel arm with dedicated adjustment spring. The seeding depth adjustable by means of the interchangeable depth wheel coupled to the disccoulter, allows easy and quick setting according to the crop and the soil

Hard but precise work

The finishing work is completed by a harrow with flexible teeth, consisting of a bearing bar on which four oscillating sections are hinged for fixing the teeth. In this way the harrow is able to follow the undulation of the soil by repositioning the crop residue spreviously moved by the seeding element.

High capacity

The fixed frame with semi-mounted tractor hitch supports the seeding elements staggered along the rows of 15.6 or 18 cm. The large 2,090 l hopper in the CORSA version has an internal partition of 1,260 l for the seed and 830 l for the fertilizer.

Reliable mechanical transmission

The transmission is of the mechanical type capable of distributing a quantity of seed from a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 500 kg/Ha, driven by the toothed support wheel to increase grip on anytype of soil.

Why choose DIRETTA?

The DIRETTA model is ideal for medium-small farms that intend to carry out direct sowing on untilled soil or after minimal tillage.


Special contents


The disccoulter, 475 mm in diameter and 6 mm thick, guarantees an easy opening of the soil thanks to:







A: Shallow notched;

B: Deep notched;

C: Plain.


The various tapered gauge wheels ensure the unit sits stably on the ground, and thanks to the considerable down pressure, deliver consistent seeding depth, even when encountering obstacles during forward travel.

There are two solutions to choose from, depending on the type of soil, crop and operating condition in the field:

1.Cast steel series
Comprises gauge wheels fastened to the disc coulter that can be swapped out quickly depending on the farmer's needs.
2.Farmflex wheel
Gauge wheels in soft rubber with quick seeding depth pin adjustment.


Its tapered profile reduces resistance to forward travel, and ensure smaterials have a longer service life. The coulter is height adjustable, while the point is easily replaceable.


The truncated cone shape and slight angle to the vertical allow to cover the seed with the soil displaced by the coulter. The rocker arm, which is independent from the coulter, follows the undulating contours, even on very uneven ground. Down pressure can be adjusted with a spring.


The three-cam transmission in oilbath, situated on the side of the machine, transfers movement from the drive wheel to the distribution line. The seeding population can be varied from the transmission by acting on the adjustment lever calibrated on a continuous scale from 1 to 55.