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Diretta V

Diretta V

cikkszám: WS00113

Pneumatic seed drill for direct inter-row seeding in the vineyard

DIRETTA-V is the seed drill for direct seeding on vineyards. Thanks to the fixed frame of the mounted type that allows working width isb etween 1.2 and 2 m, it also adapts well to workin side the rows, ensuring total coverage of the ground thanks to the 20 cm row spacing.

GASPARDO direct seeding

DIRETTA features GASPARDO direct seed drill element, capable of exerting a maximum ground pressure of 260kg thanks to HEAVY DUTY structural solutions such as the large diameter toothed disccoulter (475 mm) with trim adjustment spring, wear-resistant cast iron coulter and independent closing wheel arm with dedicated adjustment spring. The seeding depth adjustable by means of the interchangeable depth wheel coupled to the disc coulter, allows easy and quick setting according to the crop and the soil.

Unparalleled compactness

The fixed frame, with mounted tractor hitch that supports up to 10 seeding units, also houses the electrically controlled B-DRILL pneumatic seed drill with 200, 300 or 500 l hopper capacity. The reduced longitudinal footprint allows considerable mobility and the reduction of accessory times such as headland turns.

It sows everything

The availability of different metering rollers allows to meet the most disparate needs, ensuring the sowing of a high number of herbaceous crops: from those for normal grassing with the function of cover crop to nitrogen-fixing ones.

Whychoose DIRETTA-V?

DIRECT-V is the ideal machine for wineries that need to grass the inter-row without any previous tillage.



Pneumatic seed drill with pair of plastic meter rollers for small and large seeds

Three point hitch, cat II

Dampened, independent planting unit

Independent seed press wheels with tungsten soil scraper

Depth gauge wheel: cast-iron Ø 360 mm, width 70 mm, seeding depth 5.0 cm

70 mm depth limiters tungsten soil scraper

Lighting kit (disassembled)

Warning boards (disassembled)


Electronic transmission centralized doser

Electric fan drive

Hopper agitator

Meter roller forl arge seeds (granular fertilizer only for INOX version)

Meter roller fors mall seeds (granular fertilizer only for INOX version)

Counterplate, calibration bag, scale for seed


Electronic regulation and control of the meter roller

Electronic seed rate adjustment during operations

Automatic adjustment of spread rate based on speed (speed detection device needed)

Headland management (tractor linkage sensor needed)

Quick discharge function

Total hour counter and hours per day counter

Total hectare counter and hectares per day counter

Choice of different measurement units (metric, imperial)

Calibration test and display in kg/ha and grains/m²

Simulated speed setting in absence of speed detection device


Méretek200/6200/8300/6 rozsdamentes acél300/8 rozsdamentes acél500/10500/6500/8500/9
Munkaszélesség1,2 m1,6 m1,2 m1,6 m2 m1,2 m1,6 m1,8 m
Sorok száma686810689
Sorköz20 cm20 cm20 cm20 cm20 cm20 cm20 cm20 cm
Magtartály térfogata200 l200 l300 l300 l500 l500 l500 l500 l
Teljes szélesség1,35 m1,61 m1,35 m1,61 m2,08 m1,35 m1,61 m1,88 m
Min teljesítmény igény Le68 Le88 Le68 Le88 Le102 Le68 Le88 Le88 Le
Súly≥ 1.005 kg≥ 1.225 kg≥ 1.015 kg≥ 1.235 kg≥ 1.560 kg≥ 1.050 kg≥ 1.270 kg≥ 1.480 kg
* -tól kezdve        

Special contents


The disccoulter, 475 mm in diameter and 6 mm thick, guarantees an easy opening of the soil thanks to:











A: Shallow notched;

B: Deep notched;

C: Plain.


The various tapered gauge wheels ensure the unit sits stably on the ground, and thanks to the considerable down pressure, deliver consistent seeding depth, even when encountering obstacles during forward travel.

There are two solutions to choose from, depending on the type of soil, crop and operating condition in the field:

Cast steel series
Includes 1 360 mm diameter and 70 mm wide cast iron gauge wheel that guarantees a depth of up to 50 mm.


The truncated cone shape and slight angle to the vertical allow to cover the seed with the soil displaced by the coulter. The rocker arm, which is independent from the coulter, follows the undulating contours, even on very uneven ground. Down pressure can be adjusted with a spring.


Its tapered profile reduces resistance to forward travel, and ensures materials have a longer service life. The coulter is height adjustable, while the point is easily replaceable.


DIRETTA-V is equipped with a pneumatic distribution B-DRILL hopper with volumes ranging from 200 to 500 l.


In -Line Direct Seed Drill.jpg (2.69 MB)



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